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If you are a Tack/Feed Store store and would like to sell our treats please call or e-mail our sales manager.

Red Barn Treats are sold through retail stores.

If you would like information on the store nearest you please click here.


Our address is:
Potager Farms
sales (Note: Remove ". spam" from the email address)

Requests for Donations from Potager Farms:
As a company, we are trying to make ourselves more and more green. We ask that you refrain from post mailing your requests for donations and only request donations via email.
If we do receive any paper requests, they will be disregarded.. We ask to save the paper and the energy that it takes to receive your letter and just take a moment to email.
Please be aware that we cannot support every cause. Feel free to give as good of a description as possible followed with a weblink of the event if possible so we can be sure this is a legitimate request.

Thank you!